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"Merridew, Violet!"



Standing in the middle of Great Hall, Lily itches an imaginary itch on the back of her leg as she waits impatiently for her turn to be Sorted. It feels like its taking forever.

"Morstan, Jacob!"



As "Norrington, Elizabeth" is called forward and Sorted into Slytherin Lily sighs. Out of boredom she looks all around the hall. James, Rose and the rest of her Weasley cousins wave madly to her from Gryffindor's table when they notice her looking their way. Albus waves a bit more calmly from the Slytherin table but Scorpius acknowledges her with a slight nod of his head.

"O'Malley, Jenny!"

Lily doesn't pay much attention as the brown-haired girl is Sorted into Gryffindor, followed by a "Pierce, Alvin" who follows her there. She's too busy looking over her shoulder, trying to find Hugo somewhere in the line of students behind her. If she craned her neck just right, she could almost see him...

"Potter, Lily!"

Hearing her name called Lily trots forward nervously. The butterflies in her stomach multiply as she sits down on the stool and the Sorting Hat is placed over her head. It was dark underneath the hat and for some reason she's expecting it to smell musty, but it doesn't.

Now what have we here? Quite a clever young girl...hard worker, too. Brave, quite loyal. Ah, yes, you'll be just perfect in "HUFFLEPUFF!"

The students at the yellow and black-decorated table cheer as Lily takes off the Sorting Hat and makes her way over to them. As she goes to them Lily looks over her shoulder at the Gryffindor table; her brother and cousins are clapping politely for her but Lily can see more than one disappointed face. She's feeling a little let down as well; sure, she and Hugo had talked a little about being Sorted into Hufflepuff, but it wasn't like they had been serious.

Lily sighs, sitting down on the bench in between two other first years to watch the rest of the Sorting. It goest quickly, with the next three students going to Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, respectively. It's Hugo's turn after "Uther, Gabriel" joins the Hufflepuff table. Lily cheers with the rest of her family a few seconds later as her cousin joins the other Gryffindors, though not without a pang of jealousy.

Hugo is the last student to be Sorted, so after the customary speech by the headmaster the students tuck into their dinners. Lily, still feeling confused and a little let down by her Sorting only picks at her food. She made small talk with her new housemates and occasionally stole glances at the Gryffindor table, sometimes at Al and Scorpius over with Slytherin.

All too soon the Welcome Feast is over, and the students leave for their own Houses. Lily manages to catch the eyes of both of her brothers before losing sight of them; James flashes her a reassuring smile while Al mouths 'it'll be okay' to her.

As she follows her new housemates to their House, Lily certainly hopes so.


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